Building on a foundation

Kaoshi’s mission is to build the most convenient and affordable platform to help Africans meet their personal and family commitments at home or abroad. They deliver on this mission via Kaoshi Africa and Kaoshi International.

Brand Personalities (Archetypes): Creator + Everyman
Brand Voice: Genuine, Helpful, Clear, Empathy

The Solution

We expressed the brand’s value proposition through a visual identity system that tells the story of simplicity, innovation, and inspiration. Its diverse audience also gave inspiration to a vibrant color palette.


Bringing you closer together

As a financial brand gaining increasing trust, Kaoshi decided against having a drastic logo change and we agreed with the rationale. We focused on finding opportunities that simply made the same logo more meaningful.


Choosing the typography

Font family: Nordique pro

Inspired by her Swedish and Norwegian heritage, Andrea Leksen created this modern geometric sans serif reminiscent of Scandinavian design and typography. With its tall x-height and thin strokes, Nordique Pro will be best showcased at large sizes, in headlines, and other display uses


Outdoor advertising

To help increase brand awareness, the brand identity collateral included outdoor advertising designs that are designed to stand out and attract attention.


Delivering the brand guideline

At the end, we arrived at a detailed brand guide that encapsulates results from the entire process; from the brand’s key statements to the signature, color scheme, typography, visual style, elements, and best practices in using them.


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